Week 2

Another great week topped by a very impressive performance by a 15 year old QB

Thanks to Andy Miller, Adam Dyer, Rob Pilatzkie, John Smelt, Waazoo, Stingers, NSAT Honey Badgers, and Manglers

Moho 18 East Eagles 14

Waazoo 23 Replacements 6

Stingers 65 Manglers 0

NSAT Honey Badgers 46 Team Ramrod 0

OTFL/PTFL Football Friendly

Adam,  myself and the Oshawa Touch Football League executives met in March to discuss an arrangement ,
where the 2 leagues could merge. It was decided that exhibition matches would be held.
The first of these matches are opened to 4 teams and will be hosted by the
Peterborough Touch Football League at Kenner on Sunday July 6th.
There is no cost to the teams involved. This is not a tournament or an all star matchup,
( just an opportunity to meet and play some unfamiliar teams).
Please take the time to discuss this with your team to insure commitment .
I will receive requests for involvement no sooner than Sunday April 27th at 6:00 pm
More details on the events page.
Thank you