Week 4

Great Week

Best matches so far

I hate to be repetitive,but, Game of the week goes to Insubordinate vs Stingers

Untouchables 27 Gertley 8

Shockers 7 Silverbacks 0

Insubordinate 12 Stingers 6

Waazoo 17 Dr.J’s 6

Swamp Donkeys 35 War Pigs 0


Tfont Tournaments

I have been in contact with the president of Tfont

He will be passing on information to help our teams join these tournaments

Since we do not play on tfont weekends, there is an opportunity for us to play.

If your interested let me know


Spring Minutes

Spring 2017


Ed Bos Waazoo

Ryan Scott Gertley

Lucas Roy Dr Js

Charlie Turner War Pigs

Mike Deemert Stingers

Ryan McCracken Honey Badgers

Jesse Primeau Insubordinate

Ryan Lewis Swamp Donkeys

Kristian Cuaresma Silverbacks


Website shuts down May 5th,End of day follow up meeting at field on Sunday April 16th (3rd week)

The concencious was to move forward to try to maintain committee run . Bank account  to be arranged ,Go Daddy web hosting needs to transferred. The existing league money stays within the league. The league equipment at the end of the season will need a new home.

It was agreed to help move the season finish prior to Canada weekend, league will provide refs for the May 7th weekend. If we have an even number of teams this will be avoided

For the playoffs, If the lowest ranked team for the A championship and the highest ranked team for the B championship agree to switch, this will be granted.

Rosters are closed May 14th Team reps are responsible for closing that days opponent’s roster.Teams are responsible for policing illegal players. A player is deemed illegal if he has not signed the roster /waiver sheet. The player is removed from the game ,the game is deemed a forfeit but still allowed to complete

Please police yourself, I am just the scheduler

Discusion to help support the KMFL scheduling conflict was in favor. October 15th will start at 3 pm and many games will be playe under the lights and the bill is to be covered by the TASS reunion committee

Teams interested in playing in tfont tournaments, please let me know







Dr Js



War Pigs




Honey Badgers


Swamp Donkeys


Thanks for your efforts getting team money in this worked quite well

If you are still owing please get it to me as soon as possible

Any concerns Please let me know