Message from Durham Region Touch Football E.T.F.L.

Firstly Congrats to our Football Neighbors to the West & East of us in Whitby, Ajax and Peterborough Fall Leagues. We the Eastern Touch Football League have heard that you all had very successful season(s), playoffs and Finals ending last week and this weekend approaching. So a “BIG” Congrats to all the Teams representing their Leagues and Community’s playing the Sport we all love to be Weekend Warriors at.


We the E.T.F.L. ( would cordially like to invite you and your fellow Ballers to pop out to enjoy some E.T.F.L. action and meet up with some familiar ballers and catch up on old times / stories.


Our regular season is ending this Saturday November 28th @ Central High School Oshawa (155 Gibb Street) and our Playoffs are on Saturday December 5th and Finals Saturday December 12th. (Games 8:30 / 10:00am / 11:30am)


We the E.T.F.L. Welcome All of our Fellow Ballers with Open Arms.


Here’s to hoping we see you on the Gridiron in the weeks to come and if not we know we will see you in 2016 in whatever Spring Campaign you decide to play.


On behalf of myself (Buzz) and the rest of the E.T.F.L. Executive and League players, here’s to Wishing you all the best in the up incoming Season and Holiday.


Yours in Football  

Buzz & ETFL Executive

Est. 2015

Playoffs Final Week

Great week and another great season

Thanks to Steve Gray ,Adam Dyer, Taylor Poast, Patrick Assinck , Jeremy Mussche and Darnell Barns well. Hope I didn’t miss anyone

Special thanks to Steve Gray who took on the league and kept the progression moving forward. Thanks to all the on field officials ,sidelines officials , team reps and players for making this another successful season and hope to see you all in the spring

Now on to the results

A Semifinal Tigers 22        Replacements 20

A Semifinal Waazoo 46     Gertley 6

B Finals Honey Badgers 34    War Pigs 0

Waazoo clashes with Tigers for their first meeting in the finals

Waazoo 33     Tigers 18


2015 Meeting

Peterborough Touch Football League – Fall 2015

At Glance Costs:
1. Field Rate = $80/hr + tax = $90.50 (*7.5 hrs) = $678.75 (daily)

2. Referee Rate = $25 x 2 (referees) = $50.00= $250.00 (daily)

3. Insurance Season Rate= 500.00 (approx)= $500.00= $500.00 (season)

Season costs:
1. 8 weeks of game = $5430.00
2 weeks of playoffs = $1221.75
(1&2 byes, 3-6; 7-10 page)
2. 8 weeks – referees = $2000
2 weeks of playoffs refs = $1000

3. Insurance Season Rate = $500.00
Total Costs = $10151.75
@ 10 teams; cost = $1100/team

Important Info; please read carefully
The $1100 per team must be paid in full to Jason Hopkins or Steve Gray by the second playing week,
which right now is Monday September 7th. There will be no payment plans, all monies need to be in by the
2nd week of play. Direct deposits, etransfers, cash or cheque will all be acceptable. The league account is with
CIBC; so if you are going to direct deposit into the leagues account, please do so at that bank.
As decided by the committee; if payment is NOT received before or during the 2nd week of play, that team
will forfeit each game until full payment is received.

Game Times
8:30 – 10:00, 10:00 – 11:30, 11:30 – 1:00, 1:00 – 2:30, 2:30 – 4:00

Regular Season Games
Sunday August 30; Monday September 7; Sunday September 13, 20, 27;
Sunday October 4, 11,12
Sunday October 18, 25

Bye Weeks
Teams can request a bye week if they are going to be unable to make the game. This needs to be done with sufficient ‘heads up’ for scheduling/rescheduling. There will be no granted requests for byes during Week 1 or 2.
Please share with your team.
Teams: (Committee Members; present at meeting or with regrets)

As below: team captain, attendance, team name, team colour
Adam Dyer (present), convener
1. Patrick Assinck (present) Assinck, ??
2. Mike Deemert (present) Stingers, black and yellow
3. Ed Bos (present)Waazoo, orange
4. Steve Gray (present) Gertley, navy blue
5. Codie McColl (regrets)The Untouchables, seahawk green
6. Jason Hopkins (present) War Pigs, dark green
7. Jesse Primeau (present) Insubordinate, red
8. John Smelts (regrets) Replacements, royal blue
9. Brian Robinson (regrets) Shockers, camo
10. Brent Oakley (present) Tigers, red?

We will be using the same format as the spring league, 3 divisions and the breakdown is as follows:
Divisional breakdown:
Central: Waazoo, Replacements, Gertley
North: War Pigs, Stingers, Tigers,
South: Shockers, Insubordinate, Untouchables, Assinck

This list is reflective of the teams that have shown interest in playing. With this current list and divisional breakdown; we will need to move 1 team from the South into the North.

Playoffs will be the same as they were in the spring league. Attachment named “playoff bracket” to follow.

*Anybody interested in reffing, please let Steve Gray or myself (Adam Dyer) know.
Thank you to all committee members for attending the meeting and helping to make our league a better and more enjoyable league. Please see decisions below. Good luck to all teams.
Schedule to be posted on:

Committee Decisions
Final rosters will be locked with no additions as of the September 27th game. The waiver from will also
be the roster form. Names can be added by team reps until September 27th, however, only those players
who have signed beside their names will be allowed to play (*this is for insurance purposes), again, this is up
until September 27th. **Forms will be provided.
Another team’s rep will sign across the waiver/roster form on the 27th thereby locking rosters. No more
additions or people signing.
If a team plays any games with players not on their roster sheet (signed for and with a witness) that team
will be penalized 7 pts and the player disqualified.

Forfeits – If a team has majority (4 or more players) they can play, less than 4 is a forfeit. Penalties for a
forfeit will be as follows: 7 pts per quarter (full game is 28 – 0) and a 14 pt penalty in each playoff game.
**Addendum – captains may talk prior to a game and if both agree the 14 pt playoff penalty can be waived.

Timeouts will STOP the clock. Each team is allotted 3- 30 second timeouts per game; only 2 can be used
per half. These timeouts will stop the clock for the duration of the timeout.

Objectionable Conduct will result in a penalty and marked off yardage. If a single player receives 2
objectionable conduct penalties, that player will be ejected from the game and the next game as well.
If a team continues to receive objectionable conduct penalties; once the team reaches 3 total… the player
who received the 3rd penalty shall be ejected from the game and the next game as well. This will
continue with the player who receives the 4th penalty and so on.

Fighting means a disqualification for the season and playoffs. There will be no fighting tolerated in this
League. (By definition will be a physical assault on a player in any way *kick, punch etc…)

Lines – please make sure that your team is aware of their lining duties. Having ATTENTIVE lines
people is paramount in helping the officials and helps to keep the game running smoothly. With that being
said, making this black and white; if your team misses their lining duties or is late for their duties there
will be a 7 pt penalty per person/player imposed.
Missing multiple games will result in a running tab of points. Those penalty points will be applied to the 1st
playoff game only. Missing lines will NOT result in the forfeiting of any monies won.

Abuse of an official – abuse of an official off the field/post game will not be tolerated. Abuse of any official
(lines, refs, captains/team reps, conveners) will result in an immediate 2 game suspension from league play
and the possibility of more games as determined by the committee.

Clarity on offside rule – as written in the rules; if a player crosses the line of scrimmage and through the
‘neutral zone’, without making contact with any players shall be allowed to be get back onside. Tagging this
player or tagging another player will not stop the play and is not a penalty.

Sleeper- huddles consist of the majority of players on the field. Having a player on the sideline, but on the
field of play, is legal – as long as there is no deception. The player cannot be getting water and chatting with the team and then take off up the field. It will be to the refs discretion if a player is deemed to be being deceptive or not.