Week 7

Good week

Thanks to Chris Hickson, John Smelt, Dan Piviroto, Multiple Scorgasms, Tigers, Waazoo, Shockers and Stingers

Game of the week Tigers vs Ultimate

Replacements 26 Gray Scott 0

Multiple Scorgasms 33 East Eagles 15

Tigers 19 Ultimate 14

Waazoo 46 Stingers 14

War Pigs 36 Shockers 0


Week 6

And then there were none,

Another Great week, 3 games decided by 1 score, the fall of the last undefeated teamĀ and the return of Larry Oakley back at QB for the Tigers

Thanks to Andy Miller, John Smelt, Adam Dyer, SteveGray, Gray Scott, Multiple Scorgasms, Stingers, East Eagles and Replacements

Game of the week Stingers vs Replacements

Ultimate 12 Tigers 6

Gray Scott 20 Waazoo 16

War Pigs 13 Multiple Scorgasms 0

Stingers 19 Replacements 18

East Eagles 26 Team Ramrod 0


Week 5

Another great week, 1 tye , 1 decided by a point and 1 defensive battle

Thanks to Jason Hopkins, Steve Gray, John Smelt, Mark from War Pigs , War Pigs, Replacements, Tigers , Ultimate and Gray Scott

Game of the week Tigers vs Gray Scott

Multiple Scorgasms 7 East Eagles 1

War Pigs 35 Team Ramrod 8

Replacements 19 Waazoo 18

Gray Scott 21 Tigers 21

Stingers 28 Ultimate 12