Week 7

War Pigs clinch North

Thanks to Darnell Barnswell , Jeremy Mussche , Jason Hopkins ,Adam Dyer, Insubordinate, Waazoo, War Pigs, Untouchables and Stingers

Special Thanks to all who gave the Scorgasms a game

Game of the week Insubordinate vs Shockers

Multiple Scorgasms 1 Replacements 0

Insubordinate 27 Shockers 20

Waazoo 40 Gertley 13

War Pigs 34 Stingers 29

Untouchables 35 East Eagles 14


Summer Draft League

We have had some interest in playing some football through the summer. What I am proposing is a fun summer draft league. I believe we will have no problem getting the field, and I would like to play Sunday Nights. I would need 40 players at a minimum. Season would be short and carry us between Spring and Fall Leagues. No Players would be refused.

Please talk to your team and let me know , If there is enough interest I will proceed.


Message Board

A message board has been created for you to create,follow and reply to topics for discussion. You must register to allow yourself to do this. I hope this tool can be used for better preparation at league meetings.

Please do not use this for abuse, but some fun ribbing is always nice

This registration is not only for current members, players wishing to join could also promote themselves

If you have problems let me know, I will try to help