OTFL/PTFL Football Friendly

Our First OTFL/PTFL Football Friendly is in the books, and Friendly it was.

For me this was my favourite day being involved with Peterborough Touch Football, I

have never been so proud to be a member.

Firstly I would like to thank Dave Kimball (who no longer plays) for giving up his Sunday

to help me with this. He was there for 10 hours helping setup, pack up and ref 4 games

I would also like to Thank Andy Miller for reffing 2 games so I was able to play for the

Manimals (my Oshawa team).

I would like to thank Jesse Primeau (Team Ramrod) , Nick Ferris (Manimals) Mike

Rafuse (Buckeyes) Gary Williams,Joe Crough (Moho) ,Mike Deemert (Stingers) I know

we all had a hard time to make these arrangements.

Thanks to all the players that filled in so that we had 4 great games .

Thanks to all the players that played

Finally ,thanks to the OTFL ( Scott ,Mike ,Buzz, Kelly and Drew)

for Helping make this happen . We look forward to see you in August

I hope I have the scores correct

Team Ramrod 15 Manimals 13

Waazoo and Guests 20 Buckeyes 20 (Nice Kick Matt)

Moho 33  Manimals 12

Buckeyes 27  Stingers and Guests 18

Thanks to all and look forward to The next



Fall League Meeting

Our Fall league Meeting is Tuesday August 5th

New members and teams should contact me by email

We have had success placing new players on teams and the possibility of making a new team is also available


Final Weekend

After the long winter causing delays, we finally got it in. Very hot day that had little effect on offence.

1st I would like to thank Adam for arranging this . He had some hurdles which he  cleared and I am sure will be eliminated as we move forward.

Thanks to Andy Miller, Rob Pilatzkie, Joe Crough and Gary Williams

Semifinals 1 Waazoo 40  Buzzards 30

Semifinals 2 Stingers 35  Moho 12


Well, after 23 years of Peterborough Touch Football, on 4 different teams,  Myself and Johnny Minicola finally win

Waazoo 36    Stingers 14

Thanks to all teams which participated in the first Spring Season. We look forward to seeing everyone for the Fall Season.

Fall Season league meeting will be Tuesday August 5th . An opportunity to play some pre season ball in Oshawa

is available on Sunday August 24th and is open to 4 teams. There is no cost of play for teams. We can arrange a bus for everyone which the teams will have

to cover costs. Please contact your team ahead of the meeting if you are interested (arrangements need to be made)





Ptfl Golf Day

I would like to thank all the participants in our first golf Golf Day.

I think everyone had a lot of fun.

Thanks to Keystone Links for having us.

Special thanks to Gary Williams of the Moho for all his help and support, if not for him this would not have been possible

Also special thanks to Reid Robertson for his large contribution of prizes

Thanks to all our supporters who donated prizes ,They will be posted on the supporters page.

Team winner Team Nords (Brad Northey and Co.)

Most Honest Shockers

Longest Drive 1 Derrick Lowe I believe from the Eagles group

Longest Drive 2 Steve Gray Moho

Closest to the pin 1 Mike Italiano Replacements

Closest to the pin 2 Wizzy Quizzy all night Gizzy I believe from the Eagles group

Putting Shoot out Mike Italiano

Thanks Again and hope to see all out next year