2016 Fall Season Final

Thanks to Steve Gray for his efforts to keep this league going and improving

Thanks to Jesse Primeau for the field equipment

B Semi Final

Honey Badgers win over War Pigs

A semi Final 1

Waazoo win over Replacements

A Semi Final 2

Gertley win over Untouchables

B Finals

Dr. J’s win over Honey Badgers

A Finals

Gertley win over Waazoo

Thank you

Playoffs Week 1 Results

Sun, Nov 13
8:30 AM War Pigs 27 vs Shockers 13
10:00 AM Replacements 32 vs Stingers 1
11:30 AM Tigers 0 vs Untouchables 1
1:00 PM Dr. J’s 14 vs Honey Badgers 1
2:30 PM Waazoo 34 vs Insubordinate 14

Final Regular Season Week

Great way to finish the regular season

4 games worthy of game of the week

It goes to the Replacements vs the Tigers

Insubordinate 19     Dr. J’s 12

Replacements 18     Tigers 12

War Pigs 13     Shockers 6

Gertley 22     Waazoo 15

Untouchables 27     Honey Badgers 7